Where are you located?  We are located at 142 South Street in downtown Rochester, Michigan. From Rochester Road, take Diversion Street east to the Stop sign. Turn right on South Street and travel approximately 100 feet to our entrance.

Do people still have their sets fixed? Yes, especially the larger picture tube sets, flat panel TV's, and projection TV's. In many cases, these sets can be repaired for a much lower cost than purchasing a replacement set.

What brands do you service? We repair most major brands including Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, RCA and others.

Do you make house calls? Yes, we serve Northern Oakland and Macomb counties. Trained technicians arrive with fully equipped service vehicals, including test equipment, service literature and replacement parts. We usually ask for the make and model number so we can research the set/symptom before leaving. This allows us to complete most repairs in one or two visits. Please call 248-651-1081 to schedule an appointment.

My set is dead. Do I need a new power button? Try turning the set on with the remote. If it's still dead, then it's probably an internal power supply failure or other circuit problem, rather than the button itself.

The picture on my projection TV shows colored shadows around the images. Is this an adjustment problem? Most likely it's a convergence failure. Convergence failures typically appear as color seperation, often noticible on lettering or other images on the screen.  


Cap's TV Repair FAQS